The McMahon Group is a Boston-based commercial builder that still believes in the marriage of style and functionality. Since 1992, James McMahon and his group of highly-skilled builders and sub-contractors have been building and renovating commercial properties that are not only functional, but are accurate reflections of both the companies that occupy the buildings and the communities in which they reside.

Jim McMahon, President of The McMahon Group, graduated from Don Bosco Technical High School in Boston, MA and went on to Wentworth Institute of Technology where he majored in Building Construction Technology, earning his Associates and Bachelors Degrees in 1990. After graduating, Jim worked in the construction industry in many capacities, from apprentice, carpenter, supervisor, to Project Manager. In 1997, Jim decided to venture out on his own and formed The McMahon Group, Inc.

How We Work
The McMahon Group specializes in all aspects of commercial building and renovations. While that covers a lot of ground, every project has three essential similarities: they are all finished on time, on budget, and they are all built like they were our own home.